DIY: Floral Tassel Garland

A little over a year ago, I started an etsy shop for my floral tassel garlands, letters, crowns, cake toppers, etc. I closed it this past April to focus on other things. This tutorial is a thank you to those that have followed me and supported me.


Paper trimmer (I use a heavy duty Carl 15" trimmer)
20"x30" sheets of tissue paper in your choice of colors
Mylar sheets (optional)
Cotton yarn (100% works best because blended ones unravel)
6-10 ft of jute twine

Part 1: Tassel Garland

  1. Fold a stack of 20"x30" tissue paper in half so that it is now 20"x15" in measurement (I usually do 24 sheets at once). Insert it into the paper trimmer and cut 6 lines, leaving about 1.5" uncut where the fold is. Continue cutting all of your color options (I make 24 tassels; 5 tassels each of 4 colors and 4 tassels of mylar).
  2. Take 3 sheets of cut tissue paper and open it up.
  3. Stagger the 3 sheets on top of one another.
  4. Scrunch the middle (where it is uncut).
  5. Twist the scrunched middle.
  6. Fold the tassel in half and make a loop with the twisted middle.
  7. Twist the loop.
  8. Lay out your tassels and choose the pattern you want the colors to be in.
  9. Insert jute twine through the loop and twist the loop more to tighten the tassel onto the twine.
  10. Spread them apart along the twine.

Part 2: Paper Flowers

  1. Layer 3 sheets of tissue paper (or more) and cut a rectangle out (more layers = fuller flower). I cut two sizes; large flower is about 9" high and small flower is about 7" high. You'll need 8 flowers (3 large and 5 small).
  2. Layer 3 sheets of tissue paper (or more) for the center of the flowers. Cut them in rectangles. You can leave them as is or cut them into a fringe.
  3. I like to lay out my rectangles to determine where to place the flowers and the centers. It gives you a visual of what it will look like together.
  4. I'm moving forward with 4 smaller flowers.
  5. Fold the rectangles in half.
  6. Half it again.
  7. Half it again the long way or leave it as is (last flower).
  8. Choose a petal shape and cut it out at the open end.
  9. Open the rectangles up.
  10. Lay the centers in the middle of the rectangle.
  11. With two hands, fold the rectangle in half.
  12. With two hands, start fold the rectangle into a fan shape.
  13. Tie the middle of the fan shape with yarn (in a double knot).
  14. Start pulling up each layer of tissue paper one at a time, starting with the centers. To minimize tearing, try to grab each layer as close to the middle tie as possible.

1. These are my 6 favorite petal shapes after they are folded and cut. You can try your own shapes too!
2. The flowers after they are fluffed up (in the same order).

Part 3: Leaves

  1. Layer 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold them in half (I used 6 sheets of mint and 4 sheets of sage). Cut out a leaf shape.
  2. With two sheets of a leaf shape, open it up.
  3. Scrunch the middle.
  4. Twist the middle.
  5. (Steps 5-6 are for reference, but it's best to loop and twist the leaves on the twine.)
    Fold it in half and make a loop with the twisted middle.
  6. Twist the loop.

Part 4: Putting Everything Together

It's completely up to you where you want the leaves and the flowers. I usually do 5 sections with the pattern of 2 flowers, 1 flower, 2 flowers, 1 flower, 2 flowers. Each section has 1 leaf.

  1. Fold the leaf loop over the twine.
  2. Twist the loop to tighten it.
  3. Tie the flower onto the twine (in a double knot) and trim the yarn.